The Issue of Diesel Fuel Particulate Filter Regeneration

Diesel engine particulate filters ‘filter’ or trap harmful diesel exhaust soot particles. This is problematic and addressed through the process of regeneration: a process which attempts to regularly clean (regenerate) to maintain engine performance. The regeneration process is either active, passive or forced, and it is no secret that this process is causing headaches for diesel fleet managers and owner-operators nationwide and filter replacement costs are an expensive proposition.

Conducted tests and our real-world customers have found that FuelLIFT aids in keeping these filters clean and in little, if any, need of regeneration. FuelLIFT achieves this by greatly increasing the diesel fuel burn ratio in the combustion chamber and, as a result, very little soot and particulate matter reaches the filters.

This image depicts the actual filter taken to Cummins technicians for analysis after 222,511 miles. To say the least, they were surprised with the “like-new” characteristics of the filter after extensive use.

Cummins technicians were surprised to see this “like-new” filter after 222,511 miles. Yes, this is the actual filter!