Advanced Technology

The FuelLIFT catalyst is a liquid substance that works to enhance the burning process in the combustion chamber and therefore is classified as a “combustion enhancer.” Our research shows that FuelLIFT enhances the essential oxygen and hydroxyl radicals needed during the critical stages of the combustion cycle. These intermediate combustion particles improve combustion of the fuel, reduce soot formation, and lower the emissions of unburned hydrocarbons. There is also evidence that the product lowers the flame temperature in the engine, resulting in lower nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions.

moleculeFuelLIFT stays suspended in the fuel mix, bonded at the molecular level, and doesn’t settle out. This is a critical distinction from other products on the market.

While the market for fuel additives generally caps out at approximately 5% savings, FuelLIFT has conservatively achieved 10% to 14% savings in fuel usage and often higher! This reduced fuel usage automatically shrinks your carbon footprint and improves your bottom line. FuelLIFT customers save substantially, even after factoring in the cost of the product. When coupled with other inherent environmental and other benefits, the FuelLIFT fuel-saving story becomes increasingly compelling.

With a more efficient burn within the engine, FuelLIFT reduces carbon emissions released into the atmosphere. Our elemental carbon emissions reductions have exceeded 50% for a large number of our customers.

More About How FuelLIFT Works

cylinder_diagramThe FuelLIFT catalyst initiates combustion within the diesel spray envelope by lowering the activation energy for the initiation of combustion. Higher molecular weight diesel molecules bond to the surface of the catalyst and react more readily with oxygen.

According to COMO paper EX1, soot will enter the lubrication oil at the rate of .0048 oz for every gallon of fuel burned. A truck will normally burn 1,786 gallons of fuel every 12,500 miles, at 7 mpg. During this 12,500 mile interval, more than half a pound (8.75oz) of soot will enter the oil. (Information from Gulf Coast Filter Company.)

FuelLIFT significantly reduces soot formation and consequently reduces soot contamination of the lube oil resulting in reduced wear and cleaner components.

Health and Environmental Safety

FuelLIFT is the eco-friendly solution – it’s a completely non-toxic additive that really performs. It does not contain any toxic substances and is non-hazardous, reducing the regulatory burdens of storage, use and transportation commonly associated with highly toxic chemicals.

All materials used in the FuelLIFT formula are considered completely safe for handling and safe for the environment. The bi-products generated during the combustion process are also considered safe from a toxicological and environmental perspective. Toxicological studies on human subjects showed no harmful effects when they were exposed to doses of the product at 100,000 times greater than the amount thought to be exiting from the exhaust of a diesel engine using FuelLIFT.

As a part our commitment to quality, we continuously monitor product performance and manufacturing processes. We actively enforce very stringent quality control as well as perform high-end research. It is our intention to be prepared for the ever changing situations in various industries and environments.