Environmental Testing Corporation Emission Test Results

emiss_chartFuelLIFT has produced remarkable results in reducing emissions, in both lab and realtime environments. Environmental Testing Corporation (ETC), is an ISO accredited independent lab who recently performed extensive testing on the effect of FuelLIFT relative to emissions.

The data shows an average decrease in particulates of an incredible 58%! The NOx was decreased by 5.8%. There was no change in the CO.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, 72% of airborn particulate matter by on-road vehicles is created by diesel powered vehicles.

Environmental Testing Corporation Filter Cassette Results

A recent 2012 report by the World Health Organization (WHO) convincingly showed that diesel fumes are carcinogenic and cause lung cancer. Clearly, the need to reduce particulate diesel emissions is of paramount importantance. FuelLIFT can greatly assist in this effort.

FILTERSDuring emissions testing, NIOSH and OSHA approved filter cassettes are used. Baseline emissions are shown in the cassette on the left, the cassette on the right clearly illustrates the dramatic reduction in particulate emissions after using the FuelLIFT catalyst. (The filters are bright white before they are used.)

In addition, FuelLIFT has been rigorously tested to ensure compliance with the ASTM D975 Standards for diesel fuel. The results of the testing show that FuelLIFT is a completely safe product that causes no wear to engines. In fact, over the road testing has shown it to enhance the efficiency and cleanliness of the engine’s combustion chamber.