VIDEO:  Lonnie Hall Trucking Company
“Like-New” Diesel Particulate Filter after 294,069 miles!

Mr. Lonnie Hall used FuelLIFT for 294,069 miles on his Peterbilt 500HP tractor. The diesel particulate filter (DPF) was extremely clean to the surprise of the Cummins master mechanic. Further, the mechanics were astonished to learn the filter had never been removed or cleaned during the entire testing period. According to Mr. Hall, FuelLIFT is the answer to his particulate filter dilemma.


South Dakota National Guard 24% Diesel Fuel Savings
Representative Supervising the Study: SSG Rosa, Carlos

The following study was done under the direction and supervision of the above-referenced S. D. National Guard Representative. FuelLIFT has been authorized to publish the results of this emissions test by SSG Rosa.

Three Vehicles Tested:
Make: Freightliner
Model M915A4
Engine Size and Type: 855 CID Cummins NTC-400

Gas Tested
Hydrocarbons ppm
NOx pm

Average Improvement with FuelLIFT
2% increase
6% decrease
89.41% decrease
0.00 no change
11.12% decrease

Diesel fuel used by the above-referenced vehicles was #2. See attached log sheets for detailed reports. Summary is as follows:

3.7 m/p/g was the average baseline on all 3 vehicles.
Vehicles showed the following average per vehicle with the use of FuelLIFT:

Vehicle #338: 4.17m/p/g;
Vehicle #320: 4.65 m/p/g;
Vehicle #116: 4.98 m/p/g;

Average m/p/g for all vehicles was 4.60 m/p/g;
Average increase in m/p/g was .90 m/p/g.


Independent Long-Haul Trucker
“Like-New” Diesel Particulate Filter along with 20% Average Fuel Savings

After using FuelLIFT for 222,511 miles, the examined diesel particulate filter showed virtually no contamination or carbon deposition. The use of FuelLIFT results in incredibly clean, “like-new” diesel filters saving thousands of dollars annually on top of the fuel savings!

Not realizing it was a high-mileage FuelLIFT-treated filter, the Cummins technicians analyzing it were perplexed as to why they were analyzing a “new” filter!


L & J Trucking LLC, Independent Trucking Company
19% Diesel Fuel Savings Using FuelLIFT

Testimonial Letter: “…I am writing to confirm the use of FuelLift in my vehicles. I have used FuelLift for approximately 4 years. The first truck I had was a Cummins ISX450 engine. FuelLift was used from day one and I always got excellent fuel mileage. The exhaust particulate filter was always clean. The first time checked at 220,000 miles with nothing in the filter. I ran that truck to 387,000 miles with no problems to the filter. The truck I am running now, has a Cummins ISX550 engine. Never really ran much in it for first 75,000 miles. I was getting terrible fuel mileage. Now I have gone back to FuelLift and in 2 weeks have seen at least a mile to the gallon increase in fuel mileage (from 5.2 to 6.2 mpg, a 19% increase).” — Lonnie Hall


Retail Grocer: SpartanNash Company
9.5% Average Fuel Savings

Direct quote from the company’s Fleet Manager:

“We participated in a case study on our semi-trailer trucks. We had an average fuel savings of 9.5% over our average baseline.”

“We now use FuelLIFT in our bulk fuel tank. After paying for the FuelLIFT product, we have calculated that we will experience a net savings of $2,160 per truck per year that we would otherwise have spent on fuel.”

Bowes Construction, Aggregates Industry
20% Diesel Fuel Savings

Direct quote from the owner of Bowes Construction:

“For several months, we tested FuelLIFT in a variety of our generators, stone crushers and diesel powered vehicles. Our average fuel savings came out at 20%. We’re a FuelLIFT customer now.”

Calculated annual diesel fuel consumption:
1 million gallons

Annualized diesel fuel savings with FuelLIFT:
20% or 200,000 gallons annually

Approximate net annual savings: $680,000