FuelLIFT: Performance Proven

FuelLIFT is a revolutionary fuel catalyst that enhances combustion in diesel engines and is a completely green, non-hazardous, non-abrasive and non-toxic product. The benefits of FuelLIFT’s fuel savings and, more importantly, significantly reduced emissions, have extended throughout North American and to Asia, Europe, Africa, and Central America. Being a relatively new product in this domain, we are making some significant in-roads into several market sectors, domestically and internationally.

The new and improved FuelLIFT product has been modified and enhanced to extend shelf life (now five years) and provide more effective and consistent fuel savings with proprietary ingredients that no one else has. Intensive research and development activities, coupled with extensive ongoing testing across different equipment, has enabled this product to be the new standard in fuel savings and emission reductions.

Make no mistake, FuelLIFT is a one-of-a-kind catalyst formula that has been recently improved for even better performance! Other additive and catalyst products simply don’t compare and cannot offer the same benefits as FuelLIFT.

FuelLIFT is your connection to reducing costly emissions and fuel consumption. Request more information about us today!

FuelLIFT: The Product

madeinusa_iconFuelLIFT provides reductions in emissions as well as substantial improvements in fuel economy. However, the benefits of using FuelLIFT reach beyond fuel savings and reductions in emissions.

There are also additional benefits such as increased horsepower as well as reduced maintenance costs with longer life-cycles for critical engine components and filters. This translates to an overall increase in productivity while reducing operating costs. All this while maintaining a smaller carbon footprint! FuelLIFT offers a win-win scenario!

In today’s challenging environment of tighter regulations and ever-increasing demands on stricter compliance, a product such as FuelLIFT gives you a distinct competitive advantage.

FuelLIFT: Highly Concentrated

The product is very concentrated. Incredibly, the ratio of FuelLIFT to diesel fuel is 1 : 8,000. This is the same as one ounce of FuelLIFT to 64 gallons of diesel fuel! You are virtually guaranteed to save money on your fuel expenditures at this incredible ratio!

Our proprietary blend of carrier and catalyst not only remain suspended in the fuel mix, but also bond at the molecular level unlike anything else on the market. Many chemical additive products are plagued by settling out of the fuel mix causing engine problems. FuelLIFT won’t!

FuelLIFT: Available Now!

200_btl_150521FuelLIFT is available in a variety of sizes ranging from 8 ounces (250ml), 1 quart (1 liter), up to 1 gallon (3.8 liters). For larger industrial applications, FuelLIFT can can obtained in 55 gallon barrels or even 250 gallon totes.