FuelLIFT is now a new and improved diesel fuel catalyst!

madeinusa_iconWe’re often asked what makes our FuelLIFT catalyst different from other products on the market. Over 10 years in the making, our unique formulation is 100% organic, completely safe for handling and it includes a patented carrier oil that keeps our proprietary catalyst suspended in the diesel fuel mix. This allows it to consistently bond with diesel molecules without settling out, a common problem with chemical additives. As a result, FuelLIFT is more effective than the “me-too” additive products on the market. We have now improved the FuelLIFT formula adding shelf life, increased fuel efficiency and stability!

Often imitated, but never duplicated!

Yes, there are lots of choices on the market, but there is only one FuelLIFT. Our organic formulation, now new and improved, can be called a “combustion enhancer” that causes a much more efficient fuel burn in the combustion chamber. Our research has shown, and our customers attest, that this adds fuel efficiency, horsepower and reduced carbon emissions. Because it’s organic, it’s kind to the ecosystem, too. There is only one FuelLIFT with our unique blend of carrier and catalyst!

Extensive Testing and Customer Testimonials Reveal That Our FuelLIFT Catalyst:

  • Improves fuel economy
  • Keeps diesel particulate filters clean and greatly reduces regeneration incidents!
  • Reduces carbon buildup and harmful emissions
  • Highly concentrated: 1 ounce treats 64 gallons of fuel!
  • Promotes a more complete burn of fuel in the combustion chamber
  • Cleans injectors, valves, pistons and cylinder walls
  • Increases horsepower
  • Is completely non-toxic and non-hazardous
  • All-organic FuelLIFT does not harm engines

Join the FuelLIFT Fuel Savings Revolution!

As far as energy evolution is concerned, we believe our FuelLIFT combustion enhancer is truly revolutionary. Developed currently for a wide variety of diesel fuel applications, FuelLIFT is gaining wide attention as an effective, completely organic emissions reducer and fuel saving formula. The new and improved FuelLIFT product has been modified and enhanced to extend shelf life and it provides more effective and consistent fuel savings with a proprietary formula that no one else has. The proof is in the performance!

Video Evidence That FuelLIFT Solves the Diesel Particulate Filter Problem: